“PR without the BS” (SM) Explained

It’s a no-nonsense approach to public relations grounded in telling clients and prospects what they need to know, not necessarily what they hope to hear.

It means:

  • Giving a realistic appraisal of an organization’s news media potential and whether PR techniques are likely to achieve its objectives.
  • Recommending the simplest, least costly program likely to achieve realistic objectives: “without the BS” also means without the “bloated scenarios” of unnecessarily elaborate and expensive PR campaigns.
  • Being focused on meaningful PR results, not just publicity for publicity’s sake. The notion that merely getting your name mentioned in print or on the air automatically creates awareness, generates sales, or “builds the brand” is asinine.
  • Adhering to high quality-of-communications standards that reflect media know-how.
  • Projecting professionalism in representing clients’ interests before the news media, their own constituencies, and other important audiences.